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Chiropractic Clinic Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine:

Functional Medicine is known as “Root Cause” medicine and focuses not only on the treatment, but also on the prevention of future dysfunction. The individuality of tailored therapies restores health, but also promotes vitality – beyond the absence of disease for a better quality of life.

Functional Medicine is a science-based healthcare approach and our Doctors use a broad array of labs and tests to understand your specific symptom’s root cause. These tests include blood, saliva, hair, urine, and stool tests; along with their medical knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry.

Instead of looking for a prescription to mask the problem, our doctors create programs of repair and restoration. They advise lifestyle changes such as dietary modifications, exercise programs, emotional practice, and specific nutritional supplementation. Because of this approach, many conditions can be brought to a higher degree of resolution, and often times, the need for medication can be diminished. (as monitored by your M.D.) 


This includes but is not limited to:

  • Inflammatory, immune, and digestive imbalances

  • Addressing unproductive non desired thought patterning 

  • Focused on prevention rather than treatment

  • Using a mind-body approach to detox

  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual health

  • Provide patient education in a safe environment

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